Artistic Programs

Expand on what you already know, or simply learn the basics, these programs are great for all skill levels.

All programs are offered as a single workshop or packages of 5 and 10 week sessions. See fees and registration for more details. Contact me to schedule in-home lessons for your young artist!

Drawing and Manga

(Ages 6-15)

Everything starts with drawing, it provides the basis for other creative mediums such as painting and sculpture. Explore concepts such as light and shadow, line and contour, shading, texture, positive and negative space, perspective and proportion, gesture and more.

Option for Manga Madness:

Clear and easy step-by-step instruction will walk you through the mechanics of how to draw in the Japanese art form known as Manga. You'll learn the basics of facial and body proportions and create your own characters. Use professional Manga pens and markers and learn all the secrets needed to bring your manga story to life!

Watercolour Creations

(Ages 3-12)

In this course your child will learn concepts of rhythm, colour, value and tone. Varying techniques of brush work and application of watercolour will be explored and applied in fun and innovative activities.

Clay & Sculpture

(Ages 3-15)

During this course your child will learn about basic principles and techniques of clay sculpture. The hands on clay activities focus on engaging the imagination, encouraging creativity, and promoting technical skill development. Children will get the opportunity to work with various types of clay and processes.

Painting & Mixed Media

(Ages 3-15)

This course offers your child an opportunity to experiment and explore, learning a wide variety of fine art concepts along the way. Each week students will learn a different art making technique. An emphasis is placed on painting while integrating drawing, sculpture and more. This is the ultimate course in playing with art!

Artists of the Month - Wassily Kandinsky & Jackson Pollock

(Ages 6-15)

Join me as we create our own masterpieces in response to the artists of the month. Using a variety of mediums such as acrylic on canvas, mixed media, watercolour and clay we will explore a diverse range of activities inspired by influential artists of the past!